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Let’s to discover where Champagne borns with Ruinart Challenge’s winners

September, the month when nature gives us its most precious nectar and all  year long the bubble’s queen for great celebrations.

We are not talking about any wine, we talk about the undisputed protagonist in history at parties and royal banquets of French courts first and then all over the world: Champagne!

But besides the history and the characters that have happened over the centuries, one wonders what made this product so successful?

A simple and at the same time obvious answer: its unique terroir in the world…

When we talk about Champagne we can not only imagine the beautiful and glassy bottle and the legendary resonant cap … but what is hidden behind those bubbles that tickle our palate? Well, from here starts our journey, together with the winner of the Ruinart Challenge (https://www.ruinart.com/fr-e/age-verification) Switzerland, to discover one of the most fascinating landscapes full of history and history that every year gives us a product of excellence known all over the world.

Champagne and its terroir of excellence:

The Ruinart winery in Reims, packaged by hand, ready to be sold all over the region. Credits: Ruinart Archives

The secret of such a rich land lies in its history, a long history of millennia. Terroir is a difficult word  to translate from the French, it could rather be interpreted, defining a certain territoriality, that is to say the belonging of a wine, a sensation or a productive choice to a particular context. In fact it is the set of specific conditions of an area, between the place (understood as a combination of soil, subsoil and climate) and the craft customs so rooted as to become territorial .. What is so special in the land and in the air of the Champagne petits villages? The long process of erosion already in the era of the paleocene brings to this portion of land, once bathed by marine waters, a great wealth in minerals and fossils that brought over the centuries and in the successive stratifications, a unique nature to this land.

Today this soil is recognized to be composed mainly of Marne whose richness and quality of microelements determine its vocation along with the variety of micro-organisms from which the vines take nourishment and grow strong and lush.

A virtuous triangle:


Wine is structured on a virtuous triangle consisting of the terroir, the vine and the human hand. This means that every wine is the product of a particular place, it is no coincidence that the Latins called it genius loci (genius of the place, genius also understood as intellect) in fact if the wine is exportable, unlike the place is unique and unrepeatable. ).

Uniqueness and its landscape, Unesco World Heritage:

The uniqueness of a raw material is made excellent by the skilled hands of those who work with respectful vineyards and that is how a nectar comes to life.

More than three centuries of production on a land that today Unesco recognizes as an organically evolved landscape, for its cultural, historical and landscape qualities even before production. A network of vineyards, wineries and prestigious maisons that includes places of worship such as the “Avenue du Champagne” in Epernay, where the boutiques of the big brands are lined up, but also the characteristic profile of the coteaux, the hillside slopes planted with vines, and the historic quarries of Saint-Nicaise in Reims, which have been used for the conservation of bottles for centuries.

Ruinart the most major maison of champagne:


And this is how, in respect of the territory and traditions, champagne becomes a symbol of elegance and naturalness.

An illustrious example is the Maison Ruinart, the first historic Champagne house in the world. It was made in 1729 thanks to the brilliant mind of Dom Thierry Ruinart, a young Benedictine monk captured by the charm of this “vin de bulles” that the French aristocracy also called ” vin de mousse “.

Centuries after the intuition of this precursor monk champagne becomes part of world history. Today the Maison Ruinart is located in its place of origin in Reims where there are the precious underground cellars unique in their kind;

 Le Crayère, wine cellar as historical monumet:

Ruinart, a pillar of Champagne. Credits Ruinart Archives

In the freshness of these underground chalk cathedrals, the wine undergoes a slow maturation in the bottle. They are the Ruinart cellars … immersed in the landscape of the vineyards with rows exposed preferably to the southeast where the morning sun is sweeter and dissolves the fog. A climate that gives the vine the energy to ripen perfect berries that will then be picked by hand and selected to become a unique nectar. In addition to the magnificent terroir and the work of the man who makes this product important, another place is of great importance: the cellar! The place where wine will rest in the silence and quiet of the earth.

The Ruinart winery, Le Crayères, classified as a historic monument since 1931, is an invitation to discover the atmosphere of silent intimacy that reigns in the cellars of Maison Ruinart. A discovery and an unforgettable experience.

In its rooms in Reims, built exactly above the Crayère, the Maison Ruinart also offers the possibility of organizing receptions and it is here that the most important sommeliers of the world are welcomed to taste the novelties and the exceptional thousandths. A beacon on the world scene, Maison Ruinart is aware of its great history and of the importance of evolution and this is why it has created an innovative project that allows investing in the training of professionals.

Ruinart Challenge, a effervescent project!

Ruinart challenge, an innovative project that highlights the philosophy of the maison and the great passion for their craft allowing to open up to new generations and find the new ambassadors of their precious bubbles. A challenge in the world, blind tastings where only the winners will have the pleasure of joining this network of professionals who will become ambassadors of Champagne, its landscape, its history.

La grande kermesse on tour!


They are the winners of the 2017 Ruinart Challenge competition who have had the privilege of being accompanied on an exclusive tour … unprecedented! On the traces of the most important and important places that make this product great but also the difficult task of tasting and judging! Discovering the territory and the great vineyards, the opportunity to taste great millesimes and to breathe the same air that refreshes the prodigious hills.

And then tastings, visits and appointments have filled their agendas to be able to know a great story and to be able to then tell it. A difficult task … if you think of the business of the bottle of Champagne undisputed queen of the great events and festivities. Who will have the chance to get advice from one of our sommelier scattered around the world, winners of the Ruinart Challenge, will have not only the opportunity to sip the prestigious bubbles, but also to listen to a wonderful story.

Cheers..ops .. Santé

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