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Beiras: Portugal center region

I am extremely proud to be friends with two Beirões, whom I especially like for their honesty, dedication and wisdom. In these wanderings about 4 years ago for the first time and at the time of their wedding, they held an unforgettable party entitled to a hard party until the wee hours of the morning. Today and to carry out this chronicle, I resorted to his expert advice, knowing that all references would certainly be the best of the best, in terms of places to visit, where to sleep, what to do and where to go. So here I leave you a little of our Portugal and my thanks to Tiago, Liliana and little Vicente.

Day 1. To start the journey through the Beiras through those more authentic territories, I suggest visiting the picturesque and secular Vila de Vouzela, in which they will find a village full of history, natural charms and magical places to visit such as Mata da Penoita, Lapa da Meruge and the levada de Alcofra. In order to understand the existence of so many emblazoned architectural buildings existing in this beautiful village, let us start by mentioning that Vouzela was a crossing point for several Roman roads, making it mandatory for the people who passed through them to pass through here. In the Middle Ages these roads were used by muleteers to carry out their business, Rua de S. Frei Gil, commonly known as Rua da Ponte, was called “the fish road”. With the evolution of the times, Vouzela was on the route of the courts of Lamego being a place of passage and mandatory stop on the trip to Lisbon. Over the centuries, this flow of people and the existence of some illustrious families native to this land, have left today traces of the grandeur of other times visible on the coats of manors, throughout the historic area. Here you can eat the typical Vitela de Lafões at Quinta da Caváda accompanied by good Dão wine and taste a Pastel de Vouzela at Café Central da Vila de Vouzela this is the delicacy of the local gastronomic confectionery.

On the way to the next destination in the district capital in Viseu, 30 minutes away on the A25, we advise you to stay overnight at Pousada de Viseu, a place whose architecture, prices and quality of service are second to none. It belongs to the Pestana group, the largest chain of historic Pousadas and Hotels in Portugal and is implemented in an old Hospital whose transformation is a magnificent work of architecture.

In Viseu we advise you to visit the Cathedral and the historic center where you can visit one of the cities that generates the most attractiveness and employment in the interior of Portugal. Also take the opportunity to visit the urban art itinerary. In 2019, Viseu received the 5th and largest edition of the Street Art Festival “Tons da Primavera” ”, Which saw the birth of new artistic interventions in the city and in the parishes.

Among paintings and installations, 15 new works were born in Viseu, which joined the 45 already created in previous editions of “Tons da Primavera”. Viseu’s gastronomy and its identity attributes of garden city, Dão wine city and Viriato city served as inspiration for the new interventions.

For dinner in the city center, we recommend the Cortiço Restaurant. 2nd day. After staying overnight and having breakfast, the suggested route is towards Santar Vila Jardim, 20 minutes away on the N231, a small village whose historic gardens are a case of recent cultural and landscape entrepreneurship and which has been asserting itself as a destination of excellence in the region, to visit and discover before heading to the beautiful natural heritage of the unique Serra da Estrela. We suggest that you then proceed to the Serra region, where during the day you can discover its natural heritage and at night stay at the Pousada da Serra da Estrela at 1h20m , a very interesting building, an old sanatorium, which was recently renovated in the middle of a unique landscape.

Day 3. Nearby and during our third day we advise you to visit the Museu do Pão (Bread Museum) in Seia in the Serra and a visit to Manteigas where you can enjoy the tranquility of this village where the articles by Burel and Wool is one of the most typical and quality local attractions. Then the suggestion is to travel the road for 1h10m to Belmonte, one of the Historical Villages of Portugal, whose Jewish heritage has been affirmed over the centuries, in a shared historical renovation, which left a legacy in its unique local culture in Europe and which today is a case of cultural sharing, which affirms the values ​​of tolerance and frank generosity of peoples, in a traditionally Portuguese village where they can stay overnight in an emblematic place of region, Pousada Convento de Belmonte an idyllic place with a wide view over the Serra da Estrela and where you can also dine and taste the delicacies of Chef Valdir Lubave through his nose tasting, appreciating, distinguishing and valuing our Beira products, wines and food. With his touch, he gave a special touch to a creative and impeccable cuisine, marked by the author’s striking personality. Thus, he leads the Gourmet Restaurant of the Convent of Belmonte, which is made known through a menu consisting of dishes that please both the eyes and the keenest palates. We suggest that you request to drink a Quinta dos Termos, wine from Beira Interior to taste for lunch.

After resting and retiring for a moment of enjoying the landscape, we suggest that on Day 4 and in farewell mode, head to Castelo Branco a city 50 minutes away where you can visit something outstanding, where you can visit an example of contemporary landscaping that is on the way back to Lisbon. Our last travel suggestion and to end this route, we suggest lunch in Portalegre, 1h20 minutes at Restaurante Tomba-Lobos, an international reference. Good trip and good return…

A tender hug from the center of Portugal and see you soon.

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